A message from the founder; My story.

When I was 14-years-old I was sat down in a strange and sterile doctor’s office and told I had extremely rare form of cancer.  

When I got that news, my teenage life went from soccer tournaments and sleepovers to hospitals, dehumanizing pain, medicines, and operations that I couldn’t even pronounce. Up until that point, I was used to not talking about hard or scary things, so I had no clue how to express or begin to explain what was happening to me. Even my parents were almost too devastated and confused to try and explain things to me on my level. At first I was just mad at the doctors, mad at the world.

Yes, the fact that I had cancer was scary. But, it was the uncertainty and lack knowledge that was the scariest. With the help of a personal blog, having my doctor on speed dial, and google, I found a way to process and understand what was happening to me. That knowledge made the biggest fears disappear and only then was I able to face my cancer diagnosis with resiliency. 

However, every time to this day that I sit in a hospital bed I can’t help but imagine being any younger than 14 and trying to come to terms with cancer. That is why I founded Zandaland, to try to give other kids an easier path to knowledge and coping.