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Mental & physical healing go hand-in-hand.

We don’t believe that mental well being of patients should be an afterthought. Healing of the physical body is proven to have better outcomes when the mental health of a patient is treated as a priority. In the world we live in today we seek to minimize the amount of tradeoffs we have to make, and healthcare should be no exception.

Zandaland is a holistic digital platform that makes mental health of pediatric cancer patients a priority. We merge fun and technology to empower young patients to engage in their treatment and their future.


Our Users


Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists help children and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury and treatment. They provide evidence-based, developmentally-appropriate interventions including therapeutic play, preparation and education to reduce fear, anxiety and pain. They are a highly depended upon member of a child’s care team, yet are often under-resourced.

Our goal is to help Child Life Specialists be proactive instead of reactive and give them a technology to create holistic and individualized patient care plans.



Children need to be considered in their singularity and have resources that are familiar to them in order to deal with the disease and hospitalization by developing coping strategies. Right now, cure is achieved at the cost a patient’s mental, emotional, and social exhaustion. This leads to uncertainty, emotional instability, and anxiety already brought up by diagnosis.

Our goal is to engage pediatric patients in every stage of their treatment in order to provide better physical and mental healing outcomes. We are changing the healthcare system’s priorities when treating pediatric cancer.


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